#12 Regeneration

Heyyyyyyy. I've gotten used to strange and struggle as the new normal. It's been a very normal, except Thursday. 


A stationery truck outside my apartment kept the engine on. I walked to the window to tell them off. Before I shouted, I noticed the name written on the truck is that of a grains & beans distributor. They mentioned on their website, ‘orders may not be delivered due to the current situation’, suggesting the same outcome as my guerrilla-style grocery shopping in the past 2 weeks. As with lucky draw tickets, I submitted an order with a shrug, and resumed counting my dwindling supply. My doorbell rang. It's mine. Mine. My beans, my grains, my food for the next few weeks, my wonderful Thursday.

New borns

Some people you've known for your whole life, but you realised you didn't really know them at all. Until someone died or the sky fell down—like now. That's Gracie for me.

Koala is complicated. She is many things, but I don't yet know which was the real her, or if she was everything.

In progress

Making this Japanese chin is making me feel strange. Which is normal, I suppose. I'm sure it's really my mind that’s flipping, and the art does what it does, reflecting the state of mind.

I've always wanted my own wise counsel. And this is how.

For adoption

Gracie the giraffe, Rhonda the tortie cat, Pierce the pug & Gordon the hammerhead will be up for adoption this coming Wed 29/4/20. Carrie the camel and Tammy the goldfish will be up next.


Panchayat is not tv for bingeing. I reward myself for surviving another day in lock down by watching one episode before sleep every night. Simple honest story telling, with a chuckle. 


With strings of light hearted events, Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid covers some awkward conversation that should be—but isn't—common enough yet. Made me wonder if avoiding bias is a form of bias?

A Forest of Furniture moved me to tears. It's about growing trees into chairs, and some links to others who envision growing trees into shelters. And it reminds me of Gibli studio's Laputa: Castle in the sky.

I speak English and live in Asia. I know and use both western medicine and eastern TCM, but I've not actually linked the idea to the respective views of the human body. Is the body a garden or a machine?

"... language also communicated our deepest selves back to us, as if words were a shroud that give form to our inner world. " Are we different people in different languages? I know I am. Are you?

Cucuteni-Trypillian are thought to regenerate by torching her own city and culture. And that reminds me of the Japanese temple that is torn down and rebuilt every 20 years. 

Majority of my reads this week is about regeneration. Am I ready for it? marn