#15 Superficial

Handmade noodles, masks, mighty girls

mmm.... I am reluctant to communicate, to pen my thoughts, to write anything in case I ever have an urge to re-read my frantic thoughts. My husband says I remind him of an animal conserving energy. 

It is mental training. I went against my nature. I stopped myself whenever my favourite word 'why' bubbles from my gut.  

For the sake of my mental health, this week, I'm writing only of superficial things.

A list of superficial things

Eating goes inside. But cooking is external. So, Yes.

My fav this week is another result of not having enough of other supplies. I wanted a flat-ish pasta/ noodle shape to hold a light sauce with loads of toppings. Can't find it? Make it. 

1 cup bread flour: 1/3 cup iced water: 1/2 tsp salt. Knead and rest. 

On a thoroughly air dried chopping board, cut the flattened 1cm dough any thickness you want to bite (or are capable of making your knife follow the order), but not all the way through. At the last 2mm or so, pull the knife away from the dough, tearing it. The result is a ruffled edge instead of a clean cut, like tagliatelle with one side fluffy like campanelle. 

This simple cut creates a large variation of texture in a single bite. The ridged side is thinner and higher in surface area, thus traps more flavours. The other side, thicker, remains al dente with the taste of wheat shining through even an intense sauce.

Watch. Passive activity. So, Yes.

Poorna is a story of the youngest girl to climb the everest.  It's not about how it ends, because she made it, thus the movie. It is my movie equivalent of ambient music. I like the telling of the story. I like the cinematography. I like the women empowerment. I can climb my molehill.

Read. No.

Reading threatens superficiality—the reason there is a whole list of book-burning incidents. 

To prevent external stuff from getting inside the body. So, Yes.

Free printable tuna face mask because who isn't a fish out of water these days?

Clear bubble mask because the 50s imagining the future is better than living the future much too soon as we do now.

Creativity soars as desperation rises, evident on people who needed masks earlier than the rest of the world.

The same idea taken to the nth degree with better photography becomes art(?).

Textile art in progress

That face! Tortoise likes throwing his weight around, all of 2.5kg or 5.5pounds. 

Lizard looks like a scatty cat. Or is he afraid of Tortoise?

Then I saw a lizard eating a tortoise. Both of them need to see the picture to know that what is unheard of yesterday may be normal tomorrow.

Mighty girls

Besides animals, I make humans from time to time. These humans are always girls, always round faced, always wear a slogan tee.

I made this group and stowed them away a while back. This week, I invited them back into a world that needs them.

Hope you've enjoyed all things superficial, and see you next week, marn.