#18 Still, to Be, Still

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For the past 3 hours I've been trying to string meagre words into sentences that proximate thoughts. But I have only fragments. My cohesiveness may be absent today, but this weekly letter has got to be go out, as I said it would.

Here it goes, as fragments. 


  • Home. Sense of origin. Roof over our heads or shelter for our hearts…

  • Continue to avoid people telling us what to think, to buy, to be, to feel. But not make a sport of it by…

  • Journeying inward…

  • I've been working on this koala on and off for 2 months. On the second day of the lock down, she was formed in the shape and size of a large butternut squash. Then I shaped her with whatever fabric that happens to be lying around, no matter the type or colour…

I love making eyes. Through eyes, we look into one’s soul. And as an artist, through eyes, I plant my soul. I started with her 2 days after lockdown. Every few days since, I add cloth and take away. Some 2 months later today when the world unravels even faster than the virus alone could have, she still has no eyes. Is she hiding, or am I refusing to see?
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June 7, 2020

  • Today I feel different than I did yesterday, and yesterday the day before. I am the same person, I know it, but I feel like a different person...

  • Like the myriad patches on koala…

  • and otter whom I insist on calling 'Blanket', despite my husband's kind counselling. Neither of us knew, until these ig comments, that MJ had the same idea about his son…

  • Otter was scraps loosely hand stitched together with lots of gaps between. When he finally got from 2d pieces to a 3d object, he was strong. I squeezed and twisted his body, threw him against the sofa, smacked his back with a ruler. He remained the same, unchanged, just the way I made him. I lost interest, because he refused to connect…

  • I mentioned last week that I released some of his pressures. Then, he became vulnerable. He spilled and I listened. He became 'Blanket'… 

  • How can I live with purpose, with dignity, be of value to others and make a living?

  • Pacifist, doormat, activist, bully, quiet, revolt, respond, rock, react, no, still, be.  


The Need for Material Intelligence

Why? Glenn Adamson: 'We no longer know how to know what we want to know.'

American Refugee

Venita Blackburn: "We must envision a future not divorced from or traumatized  by or nostalgic for our past but thouroughly informed by it, so that we may all feel the earth under our feet and call it home." Go read the rest of it.

What do Countries with the Best Coronavirus Responses have in Common? Women Leaders.

The Syrian Refugees Who Went to Bute

Not directly related to the larger conversation right now, yet it is when you unpack the problems. Heartwarming read.

Ten Meter Tower

Self doubt, I do that about ten thousand times a day. But I've not had the opportunity to make an appointment with my own face of doubt. See doubt on faces not coached or rehearsed for movies.


I made dairy-free 'Dal Makhani'. Tastes less like the original dish made with a heap of butter and cream (not an exaggeration), however very similar to what I remember a creamy fish chowder to be. I mopped the stew up with too much soy naan bread.

Bye bye. Take care. Be still. marn.