#22 Begin again

The week has been filled with freeze responses from minutes to hours for many days. Today enough clarity has returned to string sentences for this letter.

It’s been many years of hard work of learning to care for myself. Just as I thought the hard work was over, I realise I’ve only collected enough pieces of me to start caring for. I can’t understand why I’d thought by tossing a history book throws away the history written on it. But I must already know that’s futile because I shred old clothes to make new lives. Throw it out, throw the unwanted at art, the conscience that can’t be silenced, so I can be rescued from the cage I’ve built for myself.

Then, I look at beakies, I laugh, first at their faces, then my stupidity.


Because of the freeze responses, I limped through the week hence surprised 3 new cats were born. 2 will be ready for adoption on Mon 6 Jul, the grey tabby a little later in the week when he’s hopefully got enough stripes.

Russian blue Murphy, Tuxie Spud & Tabby Reuben

Do I have real cats? No. Why do I make them? Because I’m a dog-person, and my husband a cat-person, or more accurately, a cat’s person. When a cat claws his skin for blood, he says 'kitty cares for me’. I can do nothing but turn jealousy into investigation, findings into beakies.

My enthusiasm for this striped thing rekindled, finally playing with it again after 3 months. What it is does not matter.

Tortoise made absolutely no progress. His fault not mine.

See a match? Give a beakies a home. Adopt at the noisybeak shop .


The complete short stories vol 1 by J G Ballard

I love the idea of sci-fi, of alternate universe or imagined future but lengthy description of a world unknown can be a yawn inducing lecture. This volume is like a sci-fi playground. Reads like Ballard had fun rendering the same themes, like time or sonic, over and over, each time expanding my idea of what might be outside our small idea of life.


Moth beans. Soaked and sprouted. Cooked as one would as chickpeas in a stew, with onions garlic and tomatoes, but dry. The sprouts release water. I serve it as an all-purpose topping on grilled potatoes, rice, pasta, porridge, salad. It tastes nutty, like almond flavored chickpeas, but chewy. Give them a try if you see it. No I’m not a bean sales rep.

It’s 9.30pm Sunday night after a drumming downpour, a full moon pulses through the clear sky. marn.

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