#23 Mending

tortoises, cats, chickpea crackers

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When I was small, or young, or what is commonly known as a child, I was given a tortoise in a plastic tank the size of a bento box.

One day I Iifted the neon lid by its handle, and there was only dissolved brown dry food in a puddle of murky water.

I don’t blame the tortoise for leaving.

I can’t even remember the name of if it or if it was a his or her. I don’t remember it bigger than my palm, my 5 year old palm.

The glint in its eyes followed by a bite of my finger, that I cannot forget.

I wonder if it ever vacationed in the Bahamas, or raised a family of 100 or devoted to educating the younger generation on how not to be captured.

Clarence. Winson. Gabe and Victoria in progress. I take a long time with each tortoise. Am I affected by the stereotype. Or am I making amends. One can only move slow carrying a heavy heart. Maybe I’m stitching in each tortoise things I did not tell my nameless tortoise. 


Them again. I know. I need to make them. Or they haunt my dreams. Thank you for letting me work through my fears. 

Even after making enough beakies to fill a wading pool, I still struggle with every beakie, usually of my own doing. 

Tara was saved from negligence. I ignored an easily fixed small hole and allowed it to grow and eventually harm Tara. She’s fine now. But. What was I thinking? Why do we do it to ourselves and people we love? Am I mending me while mending her?

For adoption

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I made crackers by mixing chickpea flour and soy milk into a facial mask like substance, smeared it flat on the pan with wet fingers, sprinkled with sesame and coarse pink salt. I munched them mindlessly watching mynah birds expanding their territory by the swimming pool. 

I used to shudder at the thought of making bread, because of the gooey dough, like this cracker’s. I think I’ve officially overcome the fear while learning to make chapati. Instead of adding liquid to flour, one is advised to add flour to liquid. Going from a puddle to a ball is a more visible goal. 

It’s 8.50 at night. I’m gonna lie down on my side and read until either arm drops off. marn

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