#3 new rhythm

New borns, work-in-progress, cauliflower & potatoes

Hey there. Marn here. Last week's letter is horrible, but I still pat myself on the back for delivering despite how I felt, for allowing myself to to be human, to be less-of. Thanks for sticking around.

The week has been a mixed bag. I continue having fun making my cloth critters, whenI’m done with an arm and look at the clock, wonder where time has gone.

After the 7 month hiatus (which I've returned from this year), I'm giving myself the permission to take my time. From this kinder place, I hope my art will impart the same (if not more positive) energy to their future companions.

New borns of the week

Having said that, these are the three pieces completed this week.

Gladys the otter, William the sharkJerry the Penguin.

Jerry is my third penguin this year. Before him, I made two other, both got penguin-napped by my nephew and a friend’s daughter before they were finished. They saw what is there in my effort, not what’s not. I have much to learn.


While resting between stitching, I started and finished the Dutch house by Ann Pachett this week. Siblings falling out of wealth due to stepmother's intervention isn't my usual cup of tea. The writing is what kept each page turning. For me, the book is about how one may place the past, present and future in one’s heart. It is relevant to the reason I make art.

Art work in progress

A fav of the earliest creations is an ostrich. I'm compelled by  curiosity to interpret the animal 3 years later, today. Without referring to the pattern I designed earlier, the new ostrich is almost the same size and proportion. The internal measure never rests.

It is still a work in progress, and here is a peek.


I'm adding each critter as they are "completed" to my site. However, they are not yet available for sale. I'm still skip-hopping each day, finding my step in the new rhythm of the art making process.

For now, I'm certain I’ll need more time with each beakie, than I had previously allowed myself to have. Adequate time is necessary for me to know them and to say farewell properly. It is only so, that I maintain the confidence in injecting a renewed spirit in each new artwork.

I foresee making some work available for sale in early March, and I will keep you updated in this weekly letter. Then, subsequently on instagram.


All tangled up in fabric this week, I've been relying on 2 buddies to keep me alive. I cooked them three ways: 1) stir fry thinly sliced potatoes, cauliflower florets and grilled tempeh in ginger, garlic & chilli, 2) aloo gobi, chunks of cauliflower and potatoes cooked to mushy softness in ginger garlic, cumin, coriander & turmeric, & 3) a warm pasta salad of roasted cauliflower, potatoes and chickpeas in roasted garlic, ras al nout, tahini, lime sauce, with parsley, cucumber, walnuts and raisin.

Question, suggestion, rant or chat? Hit reply. I answer my own emails. Till next, Marn.